Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New to site and OS

thanks, Wendy, for sending this invite- I met Wendy last week at the Art of Hosting workshop in Bowen Island, Vancouver. What a beautiful space to learn how to 'open space'- and more! I'm somewhat new to this technology- still getting feet wet, etc. I love to learn by reading, doing and observing. To that point, in addition to getting to know people here in the online community, I'd love to meet some people doing this work in the Boston or New England area- and wondering if and where you are out there? If someone knows of people in this area (I live 40 minutes outside of Boston), i'd love the contacts and any info.

Many thanks- looking forward to learning with you all - in what I see is a very generous community. ( my work is Organizational consulting and coaching- working mostly in corporate settings- wanting to move to less traditional, more places of personal value for me- . Also work with individuals and teams.)

Lenore Mewton