Monday, June 12, 2006

Center, of a Basket

oooooooooo, this is so fun! Thank you Wendy & Raffi.

In correspondence with Raffi I've been talking a lot about containers.

Raffi suggested the opener-feeling space of an inviting meadow. Which I like.

I thought about the word container (which as a word sounds a little tupperwary). I realized that when I think container, I see:

a basket
floating in outer space
woven with many energy strands
that flow out from people's hearts
to weave into the basket, which contains
a sphere of empty dark space
at the center of which is
a fire

I am amazed at some teachings about original fire. I have learned that fire contains ~ knows ~ all the languages that have ever been spoken. Ceremonial firekeepers I know strike original fire from flint & steel. And among indigenous people I know of two fires, and imagine that there are many more, which have been kept from time immemorial, ceremonially re-lit once each year and tended for all the nights and days in between this annual ceremony.

Warm thoughts to you all on a dark, misty late night,