Thursday, November 06, 2008

I believe we are at a system chnaging crossroads of globalsiation over the next year unlike any other - if there are other alumni of open space who agree with this unprecedented opportunity -love to know where we can collaborate in opening space

hwat once in a generation transformation opportunities can we ma

beyond wall street

beyond carbon

beyond a white house and washington led by big business

the need to create jobs, and celebrate community building

uniting world's people around a potential return to millennium goals

how can open space contribute to collaborations between people, an end of poverty ...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

mythos and the larger sangha

Hi all!
Might our Sangha have gone into an extended silent retreat and no one bothered to tell me? Or are people sitting in the circle...asleep?

In any case, I have some new questions to share inspired by a book circle discussion of Harrison's Spirit: Transformation and Development in Organizations."

Harrison writes that his definition of theory is "a likely story". He also writes that "myth is neither true nor false, but rather *behind* truth - as the body of material through which a culture's values, purpose, and direction come to expression. Myth is not just "any old story," it is *the* story, which gives shape and focus to Spirit, and makes everything make sense. Myth, in short is the "eyeglasses" through which a given people perceive and interpret their world. It is
the vantage point from which, or by which the *true" is judged to be true...

"But myth does more. On a deeper level, myth communicates the moving quality of the human Spirit as it seeks to become whatever it was supposed to be...

"It is common practice to speak of myth and ritual as if they were two separate things, but that is not so, for ritual is simply putting the words of myth into form, motion, and usic. Myth and ritual are two sides of the same thing, which I will call *mythos*.

"Finally, myth doesn't just commuicate *about* Spirit in its quest, but in some way manifests that Spirit in experiential terms; you can feel it." (pp.8-9, "Spirit...")

Harrison continues later in saying that his way of eliciting the story(-ies) in an organization is to ask the question:

"What are things like around here?"

This has me asking two questions--

1. What is the mythos of the international community/organization of Open Space Technology facilitators?

2. What is the mythos of the international annual Open Space on Open Space?

When I think of these answering these questions, I am reminded of what some say when holding a storytelling circle:

that the circle is an invitation to share any story, a mad, glad, sad, silly, irreverent, or even humorous story.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


It has been quiet here, an echo perhaps of the discussion on the OS list about the "silent presence" and its connection with spaceholding.

This brings me to a question I have been holding space for some time:

What life experience led to a breakthrough in your understanding of spaceholding?

As you sit pondering this question, I wonder who else is sitting in this question circle besides me?

Looking forward to your responses!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Center, of a Basket

oooooooooo, this is so fun! Thank you Wendy & Raffi.

In correspondence with Raffi I've been talking a lot about containers.

Raffi suggested the opener-feeling space of an inviting meadow. Which I like.

I thought about the word container (which as a word sounds a little tupperwary). I realized that when I think container, I see:

a basket
floating in outer space
woven with many energy strands
that flow out from people's hearts
to weave into the basket, which contains
a sphere of empty dark space
at the center of which is
a fire

I am amazed at some teachings about original fire. I have learned that fire contains ~ knows ~ all the languages that have ever been spoken. Ceremonial firekeepers I know strike original fire from flint & steel. And among indigenous people I know of two fires, and imagine that there are many more, which have been kept from time immemorial, ceremonially re-lit once each year and tended for all the nights and days in between this annual ceremony.

Warm thoughts to you all on a dark, misty late night,

Friday, June 09, 2006

Any views on which is the largest serial open space in the world? World Social Forum is one Nomination. Others welcome



Center is fundamentally about synkairosity, the term you proposed a few weeks back on the OSlist.

I will elaborate soon on this on the OSlist even though we have been calling and living synkairosically since before creation.

But the short version:

- synkairosity (term proposed by Dr. Wendy Farmer-O'Neil) is a fundamental "implicit intention" for all energy forms--

syn-- exchange, conversation, exchange, creation
k- Kosmos- (Ken Wilber, Brief History of Everything)- made up of physiosphere, biosphere, noosphere, theosphere

ai- appreciative inquiry

r- remembering (as the form of right doing in our current iteration called "deep emergence"


kairos- time + space (as opposed to linear time-- "chronos"; we need both)- all time, no time, timelessness co-existing, granularized potential of the expanding Now.

we are not just working with emergence (1985-2004) or even deep emergence (2004-...) but since all time and no time exist all the time we are working with all six betweens (Tibetan book of living and dying)-- and that's the invitation for all energy.

An essence map of the synkairosic perspective on how energy forms "be"--

a sphere-- outer shell the affimatively inquisitive lens
next shell- open space
core-- the Nothing' within the Nothing (it's a deeper open space that's not even about creation)-- "lenselessness"

My question--

What is the question that is synkairosically waiting to be remembered next?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Returning to love

Ahhh. I have just been reading Thich Nhat Hahn's, Taming the Tiger. He has so many ideas for returning to love and compassion and letting go of anger. I'm not him--although i reserve the right to harbour aspirations.

So, what has helped me to return to Love when my heart is full of anger?


Getting some space.

Fully experiencing the pain of holding on to the anger. This can be a real incentive to let it go--when you can actually feel how it is killing you.

Reconnecting to love of the other. Sometimes i get the gift of the sensation of how much i love the person i am feeling anger towards. This gift helps me to completely change my perspective and then the anger seems so small and silly it's easy to let it go.

Invoking courage. I blogged about this one here. Courage opens the heart. Sometimes you just have to connect to your courage and pass through the eye of the storm.

Sitting still in nature. Again, this seems to be about re-centering and grounding--when i see the beauty, simplicity and elegance of nature, i can't hold on to the anger. My heart opens.

Enlisting the help of others. ( I am feeling angry. I am suffering. I need your help.)

And the biggie...the really tough one...the essential practice...self-forgiveness. When i find i have persistent anger, it is almost always rooted in self-anger, harshness, or self-hatred for something i have done, said, thought, or omitted. I can't let go of my feelings of anger towards others until i have dealt with the roots of the anger towards myself. I find it far more difficult to forgive myself than anyone else. And so i have begun practicing sending love to myself lately as a preventative measure.

Thanks for this question, Raffi. I have appreciated the opportunity to think about it some more. It occurs to me that simply asking this question is a profound step on the path to achieving it. The simple awareness that it is desirable and possible to reconnect the heart to love and not dwell in anger is a powerful tool in itself.

And so...the next question...

What does center mean to you?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

dropping ripe into open space

“We are all ripening in our own way, at our own pace. Ripening is going on all around us, naturally, ineluctably. Eventually we let go and drop -- pure, beautiful, ripe, juicy -- into open space. Existence is fully awake already, just waiting for us to drop into emptiness.”

from Meredith of Graceful Presence