Friday, June 09, 2006



Center is fundamentally about synkairosity, the term you proposed a few weeks back on the OSlist.

I will elaborate soon on this on the OSlist even though we have been calling and living synkairosically since before creation.

But the short version:

- synkairosity (term proposed by Dr. Wendy Farmer-O'Neil) is a fundamental "implicit intention" for all energy forms--

syn-- exchange, conversation, exchange, creation
k- Kosmos- (Ken Wilber, Brief History of Everything)- made up of physiosphere, biosphere, noosphere, theosphere

ai- appreciative inquiry

r- remembering (as the form of right doing in our current iteration called "deep emergence"


kairos- time + space (as opposed to linear time-- "chronos"; we need both)- all time, no time, timelessness co-existing, granularized potential of the expanding Now.

we are not just working with emergence (1985-2004) or even deep emergence (2004-...) but since all time and no time exist all the time we are working with all six betweens (Tibetan book of living and dying)-- and that's the invitation for all energy.

An essence map of the synkairosic perspective on how energy forms "be"--

a sphere-- outer shell the affimatively inquisitive lens
next shell- open space
core-- the Nothing' within the Nothing (it's a deeper open space that's not even about creation)-- "lenselessness"

My question--

What is the question that is synkairosically waiting to be remembered next?