Monday, June 12, 2006

Center, of a Basket

oooooooooo, this is so fun! Thank you Wendy & Raffi.

In correspondence with Raffi I've been talking a lot about containers.

Raffi suggested the opener-feeling space of an inviting meadow. Which I like.

I thought about the word container (which as a word sounds a little tupperwary). I realized that when I think container, I see:

a basket
floating in outer space
woven with many energy strands
that flow out from people's hearts
to weave into the basket, which contains
a sphere of empty dark space
at the center of which is
a fire

I am amazed at some teachings about original fire. I have learned that fire contains ~ knows ~ all the languages that have ever been spoken. Ceremonial firekeepers I know strike original fire from flint & steel. And among indigenous people I know of two fires, and imagine that there are many more, which have been kept from time immemorial, ceremonially re-lit once each year and tended for all the nights and days in between this annual ceremony.

Warm thoughts to you all on a dark, misty late night,

Friday, June 09, 2006

Any views on which is the largest serial open space in the world? World Social Forum is one Nomination. Others welcome



Center is fundamentally about synkairosity, the term you proposed a few weeks back on the OSlist.

I will elaborate soon on this on the OSlist even though we have been calling and living synkairosically since before creation.

But the short version:

- synkairosity (term proposed by Dr. Wendy Farmer-O'Neil) is a fundamental "implicit intention" for all energy forms--

syn-- exchange, conversation, exchange, creation
k- Kosmos- (Ken Wilber, Brief History of Everything)- made up of physiosphere, biosphere, noosphere, theosphere

ai- appreciative inquiry

r- remembering (as the form of right doing in our current iteration called "deep emergence"


kairos- time + space (as opposed to linear time-- "chronos"; we need both)- all time, no time, timelessness co-existing, granularized potential of the expanding Now.

we are not just working with emergence (1985-2004) or even deep emergence (2004-...) but since all time and no time exist all the time we are working with all six betweens (Tibetan book of living and dying)-- and that's the invitation for all energy.

An essence map of the synkairosic perspective on how energy forms "be"--

a sphere-- outer shell the affimatively inquisitive lens
next shell- open space
core-- the Nothing' within the Nothing (it's a deeper open space that's not even about creation)-- "lenselessness"

My question--

What is the question that is synkairosically waiting to be remembered next?