Friday, October 07, 2005

Holding Open Space

Wendy writes: "This is intended as a place to share your encounters with Spirit, mystery and Open Space." I love that!

Here I'd like to toss in my current, still fragmentary, encounter with the mystery of how it is that "open space" is something that is "held"...once you've got your hands/arms/heart around something, isn't it somehow separated from whatever's outside, not being held, and then how is that held space still Open? What are the Open qualities of that held, cared for, intentional space? Is it open to some things and not to others? Open to some people or kinds of people and not to others?

If it's entirely open, then how could it, why would it, ever end?

I have understood, and experienced, that "closed space" equals "controlled space"--subject to imposed structure rather than naturally responding to inherently arising structures.

Thought fragments that go along with this:

*Separation is the very act of Creation, my teacher always points out

*"The first rule of magic is containment" (Julia Cameron)

*The vessel, the container, is a crucial component of the alchemical process of transformation/distillation/concentration

What are the differences, or the relationships and intersections, between closed space, held space, infinitely open space?

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