Friday, October 07, 2005

Micro Open Space: The Cooperation Invitation to Every City

Whilst I personally love atending 3-day open spaces, I hope its OK to describe a micro open space that is becoming popular with citizen networks concerned with urgent and big change agendas

Here's roughly what happens in these 90 minute formats

Between 10 to 20 people come together in a circle

Each person introduces self and a network or community that they can recommend has hi-trust to the other change agents assembled. We discuss how we could cooperate across these networks, and identify who is committed to what specific change agenda prioritisations. We open space by making market of topics people would like to host but agree that there isnt time to go off and do the conversation now. (This can be done by email later or in a separate group meeting convened by those who want to put this in their diary)

We now have time to network having seen who's who in terms of network introductions and suggested agendas. We use blogs in each city so that we can both arrange local follow up meetings etc and match with other cities who try out The Cooperation format. Here's London's attempt at The Cooperation. If I can help your city to try this format at any stage please mail me - chris