Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Short reflection on Insight and Transformation

When i am not-busy holding space, i often find myself wondering about why/how this wonderful thing called Open Space is working. Some of the pieces that have surfaced for me include the invitation/intention of calling forth attention, the deepening concentration during the day, and sustained collective effort. A passage in Thich Nhat Hahn's, "Taming the Tiger Within", caught my eye yesterday and seems to me to be related to what is happening in an Open Space event:

The energy of mindfulness contains the energy of concentration as well as the energy of insight. Concentration helps you to focus on just one thing. With concentration, the energy of looking becomes more powerful. Because of that, it can make a breakthrough that is insight. Insight always has the power of liberating you. If mindfulness is there, and you know how to keep mindfulness alive, concentration will be there, too. If you know how to keep concentration alive, insight will come also. So mindfulness recognizes, embraces, and relieves. Mindfulness helps us look deeply in order to gain insight. Insight is the liberating factor. It is what frees us and allows transformation to happen.