Saturday, October 08, 2005

always in open space

I s'pose some folks reading this blog have already heard a bit about Spirited Work, which is a seven year experiment as an open space community of practice. Spirited Work is in a kind of hiatus just now, no longer meeting four times a year for long weekends.

My three years of membership in Spirited Work has just about spoiled me. I find myself only wanting to collaborate, on any project, with people who steadily aspire to have the principles of open space alive in their lives, work or personal. There is nothing finer than to sit in a small work group and know that each member is collectively trusting that 'whatever happens is the only thing that could'. The more collectives (two or more people) consciously practice being aware of open space, the more powerful the collective energy/wisdom can become.

Open space is my practice.

What do other folks in this thread think are the common elements of an open space practice/approach to life&work? I think that if one spends even just a moment or two each day thinking the simple principles of open space, that individual's experience of open space expands. Aspiring to practice the principles of open space is a contemplative practice, I think.

What do others think?