Monday, November 07, 2005

all roads lead to open being

I'm just cogitating over something Chris Macrae (sp?) wrote about the need to increase people's opportunities to be introduced to open space. While acknowledging that the gold standard of a three day open space is a good ideal, Chris makes a good case for brief open spaces. I agree, generally speaking, that it is always better to have open space than to not have it and if short experiences are what is possible, then that is great. Any open space is better than none.

But, more and more, I believe that in order to really 'know' open space, to 'be' in open space most effectively, people need not just three day open space events but multiple exposure to three day open space events. As work teams exist in an environment that openly embraces the principles of OS, they become ever more deeply aligned, tapping into collective wisdom that is always greater than the individual. The more adept a group becomes at flying in inner alignment, the greater they become.

I believe the world really, really, really needs people to be discovering the power of collectively aligning ourselves inwardly.

I think OST needs to move way, way beyond being seen as a meeting methodology or a strategic planning tool or an action planning tool. I think OST is a brilliant team building tool. I believe that any organization that sincerely wishes to tap the highest and best wisdom of its members will aspire to do all of their collaborations in a conscious embrace of the principles of open space.