Friday, November 04, 2005

things really fly

Harrison on "Afterfeelings"
...The key to effective facilitation in OS is authenticity -- that sort of focused presence that comes when an individual really knows and accepts themselves, warts and all. All the rest, I find to be interesting, but pretty inconsequential. Which I guess is why we can make all sorts of "mistakes" and everything turns out just fine. "Mistakes" as in skipping a principle, fumbling the Law, etc. However, getting to authenticity is no mean feat, and there are millions of ways to go. So I think it is true, anybody with a good head and good heart can "do it." But there is more, because it may well take you a lifetime (or more) to do it well. There is practice (or maybe A Practice) involved. And the reason is pretty straight forward.

When you intentionally place yourself in the midst of the intense crucible of human emotions, thoughts, hatreds, anxieties, hopes, fears, expectations that often (always?) show up in an Open Space -- going in without deep personal preparation is a one way ticket to suicide. At least that has been my experience. The folks will probably get along just fine (they usually do), but you will find that your soul is fried. And here, Paul, I think you have it just right in terms of the possibility of ego getting in the way. God help you if you ever think that YOU ARE IN CHARGE! Being totally present and absolutely invisible may be an impossible ideal, but the closer we come to that state, the better things work for us (as facilitators) and the group.

And when we get it right, or as close to "right" as we can on that particular day, the total experience can be euphoric, not to say ecstatic. Things really fly! At the conclusion we have the opportunity to experience ourselves at our fullest -- when everything we could be becomes actual, at least for that moment...

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