Saturday, October 15, 2005

Will those with global power ever meet the people in OS?

One of the questions that I would always love to hear from other open spacers on: how to get top decision-makers involved particularly on globalisation issues that the vast majority of people can see are spinning destructively

I have been to many globalisation change open spaces but never seen people with biggest power there. One of the ideas in my mind is that if we can get people to develop a fantasy league of which business sectors concern them most for the future of the world, then maybe we can get enough news for leaders of those sectors to come and meet the people in open space.

A long-shot, probably. But has anyone got another idea to try? Meanwhile I have started assembling some content on sectors that are sustaining and de-sustaining the world, and views on why globalisation needs to involve every person’s participation at

I would love to be emailed contributions, especially those that help people see why we must all grab hold of globalisation at the same time if the 21st C is one that our children will be proud of us for starting