Monday, November 14, 2005

Beyond News and 11/11

Whilst I wrote the post below today to open up a blog Beyond News, I feel it's relevant here too. As is the other great question on my mind over the weeknd, how do we forever search Peter Drucker's advice and implement its practice. If there are open space alumni who believe his life work's connects with ours, why not form a flash email discussion with me at and we can report back to this blog any considerations we form.

When you come to reflect on it, news is a very slippery information flow

It seems most valuable when instanataneous but that means no time for analytical reflection.
Worse knowledge mapmakers believe news has no transparent meaning without being connected to other contexts from history and of the future's human possibilities

News is therefore very
risky to make a leadership decision with, unless you have the great fortitude to revisit decisions made at time of news to question if the news and so your decision wasn't wholly correct. This is more importnat the bigger the global system a leader's judgement influnce. A system that is hugely purposeful and may have involved decades of investment of money and knowledge opwrk, may be turned viciously into self-destruction mode by one wrong decision. Yet sometimes the news media asks you to make decisions in such time frames.

My father wrote for
The Economist for nearly 40 years. He counted himself lucky that there was only one deadline for judging what to print per week. He didnt know how serious daily papers could judge news events carefully, let alone tv anchormen. From 1984's research of Death of Distance he foresaw how the internet would challenge every 20th C mass media's notion of its worth. Ten yeras earlier he had started telling stories on how entrepreneurial revolutionaries must protyect themselves from image-making excesses by knowing the deepest reality-making of their innovative purposes and ensuring that they discovered investors who susstianed their innovation -the very opposite of some global accounting's built to flip concultancy

As someone whose life's research of local societies in every hemisphere has come to heroise transparent conflict resolution facilitators, I believe Beyond News has many implications - that are at least worth
open space question rehearsals before any to be great leader gets rushes of certainty about any value multiplying context, the more so it is one with globally diverse views that need deep democractising or simpol mediation around the people's globe, or organising democracy. If you have a context that impacts all of the world's people that seems not to be getting the news consideration it merits, do tell me at . I commit to narrowcasting through 2000 people in my inbox from over 50 countries and across 100 Club of Cities to try and find a few people who want to snap with your concern

One other starting proposition, and a very contrarian one for this media. I am interested in co-editing blogs that are timeless, questioning a context through the future history of time not providing instatantaneous posts. If there's a topic of human interest that you feel merits a timeless blog approach, please do propose it - chris macrae subject- my timeless nomination is...