Monday, October 10, 2005

response to Tree's Always in Open Space

I can't get the comments to work so I'll just respond wtih a new post (crossposted on the Open Space Sangha blog and on my personal blog, Humanize the Earth). Tree wrote in
always in open space about only wanting to collaborate with people that constantly aspire to bring forth open space in their daily lives. I'm finding this as well, though didn't have a way to name what was going on until I read that post.

In my housing co-op, I want those most interested in gardening to do the gardening, and not worry about consulting with those that don't care so much. Same with creating an organizing scheme for the basement. Hopefully everyone will participate in keeping things organized, but not everyone needs to create the scheme.

I'm strugging in another area, helping a friend with her project. She seems to want to put a lot of structure in place and I'm having a hard time even understanding the purpose, let alone the structure. Maybe I can find more ways to open space in the process. Thanks!