Monday, December 12, 2005

Various journalists, researchers and I are surveying at this valuation blog which market sectors we see as compounding increasing conflicts with humanity's needs . Before the sample below, two questions, what the biggest sector conflict in your areas of interest which we haven't listed yet, and are any of these sectors that you open space regularly around? (In the latter case sould we form clubs to share knowledge of who is trying what reconciliation experiments where)


Healthcare – increasing costs
Children – increased family strain, lost safety of community
Professionals- loss of Hippocratic oath, ever more bureaucratic
Water – Clean water is getting scarcer
Transport – getting slower
National Government – Increasingly powering over instead of facilitating what people need next Mass media – dumbing down, loss of social space and transparent debates
Food chain – cost of good for you food going up
Nations Cultures- love of each other’s diversity going down
Pensions (investment in sustainable growth) – going down
Adult confidence in making a difference with lifelong learning potentials – seems to be going down
Insurance – cost going up, learnings across biggest tragedies seem increasingly blocked
Underclass – compounding underclass- their loss of hope in life and mutual risks to all of us in a hi-connected world
NGOs/Charity – Global*Local infrastructure further removed from depth of grassroots needs in crisis or sustainability turnround challenges