Tuesday, January 03, 2006

250 open space projects for 9 to 13 year olds

We've started 250 parallel ones at http://ninenow.blogspot.com

This is how- do come and hold one of the 250 spaces if it sounds worth trying to you
Mail me at wcbn007@easynet.co.uk that you want an invite. Its not a lot of work nominating one topic, as the example below illustrates

Imagine a 5 year diary started for a 9 year old today but to be completed as if it was 250 topics - one a week; each one they can add their own learnings to through the 5 years

what sorts of topics should we by inviting them to discover

one example is sport- my nine year old's happens to be swimming but it could be almost anything; if I were a journalist asking her some questions to start her diary off, I feel I should ask:
work did you have to do to become as good as anyone of my age and in my town at this sport?

Did I enjoy being confident that I could be as good as anyone at something?

What else might I want to try next to be as good at?

What other questions would be more fun to write some answers while I am 9 to 13 and about swimming?

Hope this is clear. I am looking for another 249 subjects that open space so every 9 to 13 year child could enjoy write up their own learning curve on many of them; and I rather assume that if and when all schools permit kids to convene their open space cafes in their lunch breaks, some of the 250 topics we choose will match what the kids would choose for other kids with the chnace to reflect back on 9 to 13

Finally, I dont want to reinvent the wheel. If someone is already doing ninenow, please tell me. However I do think this needs to be generated by families and kids so we can free up teachers from the examination modes bossy governments adccidentally chain our kids learning in until there is no open space left. I also strongly believe that as well as failing our kids by not introducing them to open space they are failing to train them in how to use the net to find their own mentors through life and help others do likewise - this open practice is outlined here